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Meningitis Disease Prevention Method

Meningitis is a disease caused by bacteria and viruses. But according to the study of meningitis caused by viruses is not too dangerous, and its handling is quite easy compared to meningitis caused by bacteria.

The spread of bacteria that can cause meningitis disease is an awful lot in public places. Therefore you should always be careful and always maintain health when you are outdoors and do activities together with the banya.

Mmeskipun so you do not be afraid and limit your associations and your activities outside the home. Because of the following would I give a little info meningitis disease prevention means that you can do. Here's a fuller explanation!

Meningitis Disease Prevention Method

Doing Faksinasi
Faksinansi do is prevention can be done than to have to treat. For the prevention of meningitis the first thing to do is vaccinate, for children ages ranging from 11-12 years to 16-21 years adulthood.

Keeping distance with Meningitis Patients
Meningitis is a contagious disease. Preferably for the prevention or little you avoid keeping a distance so as not affected by the spread of bacteria. usually bacteria spread through saliva or fluid in the form of cairn when sneezing.

Perform diligent hand washing
Firus spread of this than through the liquid can also be through touch, therefore, try to always wash your hands after any activity. This was done to prevent that may be contained bacteria that stick to your hands.

That way miningitis disease prevention, and from now on do not ever feel afraid because there must be a cure all diseases. So and hopefully useful!

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