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Apparel Should Avoid When Working In Office

In principle bekerjaaan not so care about an appearance, but rather is the result of good work. But it was much different working principles are now more concerned with appearance let alone a bona fide work in the office. Office work is needed an attractive appearance but still hold to the principle should be polite. All you need to know there are clothes that principle polite but not allowed to be used when working in the office. The clothes are? Note the following explanation!

Clothing Must Avoid When Working in the Office

Dirty clothes and Unruly
Clothes like this is very strictly prohibited to use the work in the office even though the dasarnhya allowed. Because when work must wear clothing that is clean and neat. This is in order to make the people around you are comfortable and happy near you.

The next is the dress attire, the clothes of this one was banned for use to the office. The dress is a dress that is suitable for use when a party not for work. So from that dress should be avoided when at work in the office.

T-shirts bearing the Alluding
If the rules allow you Wearing Shirt office, make sure you avoid the T-shirts that read offend others.

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